Podium Starter - Messaging

The Podium inbox centralizes all your online communications in one location, whether you’re connecting with customers on Facebook and Google, through text messages, or inquiries from your website. And because you won’t spend time jumping back and forth between platforms, your response time will be faster, leading to increased customer satisfaction.  

Messaging Features

Starter Paid
Unique conversations Up to 30 a month Unique conversations Unlimited
Attached media items  ✓ Attached media items
Secure messaging   Secure messaging
Live video chats   Live video chats
Message templates   Message templates
Auto-respond to messages   Auto-respond to messages
Respond to emails   Respond to emails
Assign conversations   Assign conversations
Share, move, transfer conversations   Share, move, transfer conversations
Integration with third-party apps   Integration with third-party apps
To take advantage of every Podium feature, upgrade now. You can find out more by emailing sales@podium.com.


To learn how to send and reply to messages, attach media items, and use templates, please read the “Sending Messages” article.