Podium Starter - Account Setup

Starter makes it easy to get your business up and running in Podium. Although you completed most account setup during onboarding, there are a few other details and tasks you’ll want to be aware of. 

Roles and Permissions

A person can be assigned one of two roles in Podium Starter: supervisor or staff. A supervisor has unrestricted access and typically is the account owner, CEO, or another executive; someone with the staff role is usually a customer-facing user who needs restricted access to the software. As you add users to your business, you’ll determine these roles. 

User Profiles

Every user in Starter has a profile they can update. Options include changing your email and password, adding a profile photo, and setting up your notification preferences.

Account Features

Starter Paid
Number of users Unlimited Number of users Unlimited
Roles & permissions 2 (supervisor & staff) Roles & permissions 6 and ability to change permissions by role
Add, edit, delete users manually Add, edit, delete users manually
Bulk upload users   Bulk upload users
Multi-user mode   Multi-user mode
To take advantage of every Podium feature, upgrade now. You can find out more by emailing sales@podium.com.


To learn how to change your personal profile, add users, and update roles and responsibilities, please read these articles.