Podium Starter - Overview

Podium Starter is a set of essential messaging tools that enables businesses to connect with website visitors, message customers, and collect paymentsfree for qualifying businesses.

Getting Started

During the onboarding process you were walked through these steps:

  • Creating a Podium account and choosing a password.
  • Selecting the locations you want to add to Podium.
  • Connecting to Google and Facebook (optional).

After you’ve finished creating an account, there are a few more pieces of set up you’ll want to complete to get up and running.

To help you, we’ve created pages where you can learn about each product, the features you have access to, and links to help articles. See “Resources” in this article.

Starter Features

Starter Paid
Unique conversations Up to 30 a month Unique conversations Unlimited
Payment requests Unlimited
2.90% processing fee + $0.30 per transaction
Payment requests  Unlimited
2.49% processing fee + $0.30 per transaction
Review sites Google & Facebook Review sites Google, Facebook, and industry-specific review sites
Review invitations  Up to 10 a month Review invitations  Unlimited
Locations 2 Locations Unlimited
Templates Reviews & Payments   Templates All templates, ability to customize 
Webchat widget  ✓ Webchat widget
Help Center  ✓ Help Center
Teamchat   Teamchat
Feedback   Feedback
Automations   Automations
Hosted SMS   Hosted SMS
Support & Customer Success   Support & Customer Success
To take advantage of every Podium feature, upgrade now. You can find out more by emailing sales@podium.com.

Quick Start Tutorials

In the Setting up Podium Starter video, you’ll learn how to set up your Podium Starter account. In the Podium Starter Overview video, you'll learn to use the inbox, for communicating with customers, the Webchat widget that lets you connect with website visitors, mobile payments, and customer reviews.


To get more details about specific features that are included in Podium Starter and get links to step-by-step instructions, please read these articles: