Using Podium Video Chat

Sometimes a video chat is more helpful and faster than sending multiple messages back and forth. With Podium video chat you can connect with customers using live video calls. You can start a video chat from any conversation. Youll send a link and both you and your customer can join from a web browser without downloading any additional apps.


Attention: Podium video chat only supports one-on-one video chats. It does not support more than two participants.
  1. To start a video chat, click the add (+) icon.podium_video_chat_1.png

  2. Then click Video Chat Invitation.podium_video_chat_2.png

  3. You have the option of personalizing the message that is sent with the invitation.
  4. Once you send the link, you and your customer will click the link to open a call window.Podium_video_chat_3.png

  5. Use the menu at the bottom of the video call window to mute your audio, toggle video on and off, or share your screen.
  6. Click Leave when you are finished with the call.