Requesting Payments

You can request and receive payments over text message. In Podium, you’ll create a link that includes the amount due and a description of the item or service you provided. You’ll then send the link to your client or customer, and they can pay directly from the message.

In some cases, you may want to limit how long a payment link will be valid. For example, if you charge additional fees to customers if they don’t make a payment by a certain date, you can include an expiration date on the original payment link. Then if they miss the deadline, you can send a new request that includes the late fee.

Attention: Be aware that your customer won’t be notified that their link has expired. However, they can see an expiration date on the invoice if they click the payment link.

To request a payment:

  1. Go to Inbox, and click the New Message icon or find an existing conversation.
  2. Write a message. 

  3. Click Request.
  4. Add a description of the item or service and the amount that is due. If necessary, you can add additional items to the payment request by clicking the add (+) icon.
  5. Optionally, you can require that a shipping address is provided before a payment request can be completed. 
  6. If necessary, include an invoice number. 
  7. If there are multiple, select a bank account where the funds will be deposited. 

  8. If necessary, set an expiration date. You can choose from several default expiration dates (end of day, end of month, etc.) or select a custom date.
  9. Click Create payment link.
  10. After reviewing the message, click Send & Close