Setting up Google Analytics for Your Website

Google Analytics is software that tracks and reports website traffic. If you have Google Analytics and a Google Ads account, you’ll not only be able to track traffic on your website but also be able to analyze which traffic was generated from your paid ads.

To get the most out of your Google Analytics account, you’ll need to set up properties and views. A property is a representation of your website in Google Analytics and will have its own unique tracking ID, while a view is a filtered perspective of your website traffic. Views are often used to filter out internal traffic to your website using an IP address.

For more help getting started with Google Analytics read:

  • User management. Add, edit, and delete users as well as configure user permissions.
  • Link/unlink Google Ads and Analytics. Connect your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts so you can begin to understand how your marketing efforts are driving visits to your site.
  • Reporting views. Create multiple filtered subsets of your website visitor data (for example, filter out website visitors from your IP address).
  • About goals. Measure how well visitors are meeting objectives on your website such as making a purchase.
  • About Dashboards. Build visualizations that keep you informed about your website visitors.
  • About Custom Reports. Design custom reports to dive deep into your data.
  • About segments. Group website visitors by regions or cities.
  • About Events. Define important actions that your website visitors might be doing such as viewing more than 2 pages.
  • About Ecommerce. Analyze purchase activity on your site or app.

For any additional questions, visit the Google Analytics help center.

Types of Webchat Events Sent to Google Analytics

Once installed on your website, Webchat™ will automatically track two types of events and record them in Google Analytics. Those events are “bubble clicked” and “conversation started.”

  • Bubble clicked. An event is recorded when a website visitor opens the Webchat widget on your website, unless they click the close button. 
  • Conversation started. An event is recorded when a website visitor sends a message using Webchat.
Best Practice: You can use the information and events recorded in Google Analytics to optimize website pages to increase conversion, create goals for improving customer service, track online visitor behavior before and after using Webchat, and devise strategies to improve customer engagement.

Finding Your Tracking ID

Once your account has been configured with both properties and views, you’ll need to locate your tracking ID.

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Click Tracking Info; then Tracking Code.
  4. Copy the UA-XXXXXXXX-X to your clipboard.

Creating Webchat Goals in Google Analytics

If you want Webchat events to be associated with goals in Google Analytics, you can create new custom goals.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. In Views, click Goals.
  3. Click + New Goals.
  4. Select Custom and then click Continue.
  5. In Goal Description, create a goal name.
  6. Set the goal type to Event and then click Continue.
  7. In Goal Details, set the Category to equals to Webchat Widget.
  8. Still in Goal Details set the Action to equals to Bubble Clicked or Conversation Started.
  9. Disable Use the Event Value as the Goal Value for the conversation.
  10. Set a monetary value.
  11. Click Save.
Attention: You can download Google Analytics on the App Store or Google Play store to take your dashboards on the go.