Responding to Reviews

Getting reviews is important, but responding to them can be the difference between a customer choosing you or going to a competitor. Not only do customers appreciate your response, but it makes your business seem more human, and it makes the experience more personalized.

Best Practice: It’s important to respond to negative and positive reviews. For more information, please read these articles: “How to Respond to Negative Reviews” and “Why (and How) to Respond to Positive Reviews.

You can respond to Google and Facebook reviews directly from Podium (if you’ve set up this option); for integrated sites, you’ll be able to link out to the site, where you can then respond.

Attention: By default, only account owners can respond to reviews. For all other roles, the Respond to Reviews permission will need to be turned on. To learn how to edit permissions, read “Setting up Roles & Permissions.”

Responding to a Review from Google or Facebook

  1. Go to Marketing > Reviews. You’ll see reviews grouped into two categories “All Reviews” and “Needs Response.”
  2. Click Needs Response.Xnip2021-10-14_20-22-39.jpg
  3. If necessary, use the filters to see reviews from a specific review site, with a specific rating, or within a specific date range.Xnip2021-10-14_20-23-29.jpg
  4. Enter a response to the review and click Reply.Xnip2021-10-14_20-24-04.jpg

Responding to a Review from an Integrated Site 

  1. Go to Reviews. You’ll see reviews grouped into two categories “All Reviews” and “Needs Response.” 
  2. Click Needs Response.Xnip2021-10-14_20-22-39.jpg
  3. In Review Site, select the integrated site with reviews you want to respond to.Xnip2021-10-14_20-30-06.jpg
  4. Click Reply on. Podium will open a new tab in your browser for that review site.Xnip2021-10-14_20-30-27.jpg
  5. Enter a response to the review.

Managing Reviews with Reviews Pro

If you have access to Pro features, you can use some additional options to manage your reviews. These include the ability to disable responses, add review notes, mark reviews as closed, and create review response templates.

Attention: You must have the Respond to Users permission enabled to disable responses, mark a review as closed, and use response templates. To learn how to update permissions, please read “Setting Up Roles & Permissions.”  

Disable Responses

You can disable responses on reviews that don't need a response. For example, disabling responses on a review may be needed in cases when the review is already being investigated by another team member. 

To disable responses:

  1. Click the Options icon and select Don't allow responses

Add a Note

Adding review notes can help your team members understand more about a review. These review notes are not visible to your customers. However, other users in Podium will see the timestamp and the name of the user who added the note.

Attention: Notes cannot be edited or deleted.

To leave a note for other users in Podium:

  1. Click the Options icon and select Add a note
  2. Enter your message and click Add note

Mark Review as Closed

Marking a review as closed may be helpful in case when the review might not merit a response. For example, if a customer leaves a 3 or 4 star review for your business without any message, you may not be interested in adding a response. By marking the review as closed, it is removed from the Needs Response section on the Reviews page. 

To mark a review as closed:

  1. Click the Close review icon. closereview.jpg

Create a Response Template

Creating templates for review responses can save you and your team time when responding to customer reviews. You can create as many templates as you need to help your team respond quickly and easily. 

To create and use a template:

  1. Click Templates and click Create New
  2. Enter a template title, message, and choose which locations can use the template (all locations or only select locations), then click Save

  3. Choose the template from the template drop-down menu.
  4. Click Reply