Installing Webchat on WordPress

  1. Sign in to your WordPress account, and go to Plugins on the left menu.image-0.png
  2. Click Add New.image-1.png
  3. Search for “Podium,” and click the Podium plugin. 2._search_podium_and_click_plugin.png
  4. Click Install and Activate. It will automatically start installing for you. Click Manage Plugins or Back to plugins when you’re done. 4._click_manage_plugin.png
  5. On the left menu, hover over Settings, then click Podium. go_to_settings_for_podium.png
  6. Paste your unique Podium code in the text box and then click Save Changes. 6._paste_script.png
  7. You can test that the installation is successful in Podium by clicking Test connection. You can also refresh your website, and you should see your customized Webchat live on your account.
Attention: Clear your plug-in cache after installing Webchat to avoid any errors.