Installing Webchat on Shopify

  1. Sign in to your Shopify account, and click Themes under the Online Store section in the left menu. 1._go_to_themes_under_online_store.png
  2. Click the Actions dropdown on your current theme. Select Edit code from the dropdown. 2._click_actions_then_edit_code.png
  3. You’ll see your website’s live code. On the left code menu, underneath the Layout folder, click {/}theme.liquid. 3._click_theme.liquid.png
  4. In the right scrollable code window, scroll down until you see the HTML code tag that looks like </body>. In coding terms, that’s known as the closing body tag. 4._find_body_tag.png
  5. Once you’ve located </body>, paste your Webchat code right before it.shopifyWebchatInstall5.png
  6. Click Save.
  7. You can test that the installation is successful in Podium. You can also refresh your website, and you should see your customized Webchat live on your account. You can now exit the code for your theme. You’re done!
Attention: If you need additional help, visit the Shopify help center or log into your Podium Account and initiate a live chat with Podium Support.