Connecting Podium To Your Website

Podium’s Web Suite is a collection of tools that you can add to your website to optimize for conversion and engagement. Tools like Webchat and Website Pop-Ups aim to attract any potential customers who land on your site into interested, active leads. Connecting Podium to your site only takes a few minutes and requires little-to-no coding knowledge.

Note: If a third party manages your website, you’ll be able to send them an email with instructions to connect. Because the connection process requires adding your unique Podium code, you’ll need someone with access to your site’s code base or HTML editor. 


Before You Start: Identify Your Website Builder

You must first identify which website builder your site is hosted on. If your website uses Wordpress, you can go ahead and download the Podium plugin and get started with your installation. 

We also provide step-by-step instructions for the following content management systems (CMS):

If you're unsure what CMS you use, enter your URL into to detect the correct website builder. If you don’t use any of the CMSs listed above, you can follow the general instructions below.

Finding Your Unique Podium Code

  1. Go to Web Suite under the Marketing tab in your Podium account.
  2. Select from either Webchat or Website Pop-Ups to add to your website first. At any time, you can remove or edit the tool that you choose to add. (You’ll be able to add the other one once you’re finished connecting.) Websuite.png
  3. Enter the website URL of your business, and then click Continue. Website_Entry.png

  4. You’ll be presented with instructions to log into your CMS account and find the HTML editor (these instructions are also provided in the section below). Copy your unique Podium code to your clipboard by clicking Copy. When you’ve added your code, click Continue to move onto the next step. STEP_2_-_COMBINED.png
  5. Now, it’s time to test your connection. Before testing though, confirm that the website you provided at the beginning is the same website you just added your code to. If it isn't, please go back and add the correct website. If it is, click Test connection to continue.Connection_Test.png
  6. If the connection is working, that’s awesome! You’ll see a screen confirming that Webchat or Website Pop-Ups (depending which one you started with in Step #2) is live on your site. 
  7. If the connection isn’t working, you’ll be asked to verify that you pasted the correct code in the correct location (above the closing </body> tag). Once you’ve verified that, click Test again.Connection_Test_-_Error_State.png
  8. If your site is still having trouble connecting to Podium, you’ll see this window pop up, asking you to confirm whether you see your tool appear on your live site. In a new tab in your browser, open your website. If you see your Webchat or Website Pop-Up active on your site, click Yes, it’s on my site. If you don’t see it, click No, it’s not there. Connection_Test_-_Manual_Modal.png
    • If it’s not there, contact Podium Support to assist you. 
    • If it’s there, that’s great! You can click Done to finish and return to the Web Suite home page.Connection_Test_-_Success.png

Adding Your Podium Code To Your Website's HTML Editor

If your CMS is not one of the website builders listed in the "Before You Know" section, then follow these general instructions to add your code to any CMS that has an HTML editor.

  1. Sign into your content management system (also known as your website builder).
  2. Find the HTML editor that lets you edit the code of your website. If you’re unsure where it is in your CMS, try googling it. 
  3. Copy and paste your unique Podium code right before the closing body tag that looks like this: </body> . 
  4. Save your changes, and view your live website.