Creating a Campaign Offer

You can include an offer in a campaign message so your customers can make an instant purchase. Creating an offer is a great way to target certain customers with sales, promotions, or coupons to encourage both new and repeat business.

To create an offer:

  1. Access Campaigns (under Marketing).
  2. Click Create campaign.Creating_a_Campaign_offer_1.png

  3. Enter a unique name for the campaign.
  4. Choose the audience for your campaign message. 
  5. Add a short message that lets your customers know about the offer. (If you need help, see the “Writing a Campaign Message” article.)
  6. Click the Offer icon to add specific details about the product or service. 
  7. Enter a unique name for the offer.
  8. Enter the name of the product or service included in the offer.
  9. Mark the checkbox to require the customer's address when they redeem the offer. 
  10. Enter the price of the product or service. If your offer includes a discount, click Offer Price. It's not required to include a discount to create an offer. 
  11. Enter the discounted price of the product or service, if applicable. 
  12. Click the expiration drop-down and select the time period that the offer will be available. Making offers available for a limited amount of time helps drive urgency and sales.
  13. Click Create Offer.
  14. Click Finish later to save the campaign as a draft; to send the campaign immediately, click Send.