Taking a Payment Using a Mobile Card Reader

Before You Begin

You’ll need to set up the card reader before you can use it to take payments. For instructions, see the Help Center article:  Setting Up Mobile Card Readers

Mobile card readers will need to be updated periodically. On the device that is connected to the card reader tap Settings then Card Reader in your Podium app to check for updates. Your reader will continue to process payments even if it hasn’t had the most recent updates installed, but we recommend checking for updates daily before use.

Taking a Mobile Card Reader Payment

After you’ve set up and connected your card reader, you can begin taking payments in Podium. After entering the customer’s contact info, you can add a description of the item(s) and the amount due. Podium will send the customer a receipt automatically via text or email depending on the information provided during the checkout process.

To take a card reader payment:

  1. Tap New.

  2. Enter the customer’s name.

  3. Tap New Contact.

  4. Enter the customer’s phone number or email address.

  5. Tap Payment Request.

  6. Enter the amount and add a description of the item or service. If necessary, you can add additional items to the payment request by tapping Save add another item.

  7. Tap Review payment.

  8. Optionally, include an invoice number.

  9. Tap Charge a card.

  10. If there is more than one bank account, select a bank account.

  11. Tap Create charge.

  12. Have the customer tap, insert, or swipe their card.

  13. If you want, you can send a review invitation to the customer; or, if you are finished, tap Close.