Campaigns Overview

Campaigns help you create and send promotional messages to customers who are interested in hearing from you and have provided prior express consent to receive marketing texts from you (sometimes called opting in). You might want to use targeted campaigns to introduce new products, give discounts and coupons, promote sales and more. To get some insights that can help you create successful campaigns, please check out our ebook, SMS Marketing 101.


While promotional messages can be a great addition to your business’s marketing plan, you must make sure your campaign meets all requirements of applicable laws and regulations (such as the TCPA) or you could be subject to fines, penalties, or other legal action. 

Attention: Be aware that this version of Campaigns is not available for Starter customers. Other businesses can send one campaign a month (up to 50 subscribers) for free; if you need to send more often or have a larger subscriber list, please contact sales to upgrade.

Quick Start Tutorial

In the Best Practices video, you’ll get tips that your business can follow when sending campaigns that can help you comply with applicable laws and regulations and improve response rates.

Getting Started

While launching a campaign may seem simple, it’s an important part of your overall marketing strategy, so you’ll want to be strategic. Here’s a step-by-step approachand some best practicesto help.