Setting a Default Location for a Webchat Widget

Once Webchat™ is installed, the widget appears at the bottom of each page of your website. If you have location-specific pages, you can customize Webchat to start a text conversation using a default location; users don’t need to select a location. To do this, you'll need to know your location IDs; you can contact Podium Support by logging into your Podium account and initiating a live chat to get a full list.

To customize your code for a default location:

  1. In Podium, click the settings (gear) icon and select Webchat.turning_off_1.png

  2. Select an installed widget.turning_off_2.png

  3. Click Widget options.turning_off_3.png

  4. Copy the widget code.turning_off_3.4.png

  5. Open a text editor, and paste the code into the editor.
  6. Edit the code to include the location ID.

    <script defer src="" id="podium-widget"data-api-token="YOUR-API-TOKEN" data-api-location-id="LOCATION-ID"></script>
  7. Copy the updated code.

To add the custom Webchat code on a website page:

  1. Sign in to your website as an administrator.
  2. Edit the HTML of the page.
  3. Paste the widget code.
  4. Save and publish your changes.