Podium & Thumbtack Integration Overview

Podium and Thumbtack accounts can be integrated to streamline communications with prospects and customers throughout their life cycle. Below are some highlights and frequently asked questions about the integration.

What is Thumbtack? 

Thumbtack helps Home Services professionals book more profitable jobs by finding projects that fit their specific needs from ready-to-hire customers interested in their business.

Why is it valuable to integrate Podium with Thumbtack?

Inevitably, a prospective customer connecting with a Pro on the Thumbtack platform will transition to a more traditional communication channel like text or phone call. Podium and Thumbtack have worked together to provide a seamless transition of Thumbtack leads to the Podium inbox for texting purposes.

What are the functions that this integration provides?

When a new lead is accepted by a Thumbtack Pro it will be posted to the Podium Inbox as a new conversation with the appropriate lead details.

When a lead is posted to the Podium Inbox, automated messages can be triggered to begin communications with this prospective customer over text message.

All contacts stored in the Thumbtack account will be automatically added to Podium along with any previous messaging between the Pro and the customer/prospect.

How long does the integration take to set up?

Minutes. Visit the Thumbtack app in the Podium Marketplace and sign in with your Thumbtack username and password.

How do leads from Thumbtack appear in the Podium inbox?

A lead inside of Thumbtack may resemble something like this:


In Podium, Leads will be posted to a new conversation with the prospective customer in the inbox and include any pertinent details like scheduling requests, project details, etc.


What can a Pro do if their Thumbtack and Podium accounts seemingly won’t integrate?

There are two main scenarios that may impact connecting Thumbtack with Podium. 

Thumbtack limits the amount of available integrations per account. If a Thumbtack Pro has existing integrations, they will need to work with Thumbtack to instead integrate with Podium vs other integrated platforms.


My location is connected to Thumbtack in the Podium Marketplace but my Thumbtack leads are not posting to the inbox. What should I do?

You’ll need to locate and provide Podium Support (support@podium.com) with your Business ID from Thumbtack. Podium Support can then reconnect the integration on your behalf.