ADF Lead Delivery (Automotive)

If you are an auto dealership using Podium's webchat, you likely want to see Podium inbound leads inside your CRM.  We deliver leads to all CRMs in the auto vertical via your ADF (auto-lead dealer format) email address.  You can set this up in minutes by following the below steps.

  1. Login to Podium and locate the ADF Lead Delivery app in the Podium Marketplace here.       

  2. Allow access for Podium to connect to your CRM
  3. Identify if your dealership is associated with any new vehicle or motosport OEM.  If your dealership is not a franchise dealership, you can select Other (N/A). 
  4. Identify the CRM we will deliver leads to or select Other (N/A) if your CRM is not listed.                                                     

  5. Select the country your dealership is located in.
  6. If applicable, enter your dealership's OEM code.  (Note:  This will only be required for OEMs that Podium participates in an endorsed program)
  7. Add one or more ADF email addresses that you wish to have leads delivered to.
  8. Select Automated Lead Delivery if you wish to have every lead that lands in your inbox to immediately be routed to your CRM.  If you deselect this box, you will need to manually deliver leads to your CRM from the Podium Inbox.
  9. Press Finish