Tips & Tipping

Enable Tipping on In-store readers

Getting Started with Tipping

Enable Tipping

  1. Navigate to Payment Settings                                                                            Photo_1.png
  2. Under "Tipping," toggle the switch on, your default tips will be set at 15%, 20%, and 25%.  If you are happy with these percentages you don't need to do anything else.  If you would like to change the defaults click Change Tip Options.
    (Upon first enabling tipping it may take your card reader up to 10 minutes before it will display the tips screen.  You can speed the process up by restarting the reader.) Photo_2.png

At checkout, your customers will now see tipping options on the in-store card reader and text-to-pay invoices.  Tipping isn't yet available on mobile reader payments.

Change Tipping Options on Card Readers

  1. Click Change Tip Options
  2. Select either Percentages or Amounts
  3. Enter in 3 options
  4. Click Save                                                                                                                                            Photo_4.png


Where can I view my Tipping settings?


Can I turn off Tipping?

Yes, go to Payment Settings and Toggle off the tipping option (note this can take up to 10 minutes to reflect on the reader transactions)

What payment methods allow Tipping?

Tipping is supported on card payments. It is not supported on Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, or Affirm payment methods at this time.

Can I collect tips on Podium Go mobile card readers?

Not at this time. Tipping is only available on Podium Link in store readers and text to pay requests.

How are Tips calculated?

Tips are calculated on the TOTAL of all line items, taxes and surcharges.

How are Tips paid out?

Tips are included in your standard payouts.

Do I pay transaction fees on tips?

Yes, transaction rates apply to tips.

Where can I view reporting on tipping?

On an Individual Transaction

  1. Navigate to an individual transaction and open Payment Details.
  2. Expand the "payment details" to see line items and tips.            Photo_6.png

Export CSV Reporting in bulk

  1. Under the Payments Tab, navigate to Payment Activity
  2. Select Export Report
  3. Select the criteria of the report you would like to export and select Export CSV                                Photo_7.png
  4. In the CSV generated column J shows the tip amount, Column B shows which user captured the payment.