Downloading the Podium Mobile App

Download for iOS (Updated version!)

Download for Android (Update coming early November 2022)

Why should I download the Podium app?

Because responding to customers fast matters - over 69% of customers judge the quality of customer service on whether they received a quick response or not. We know you don’t live in front of your computer so the Podium app is your way to stay connected and keep things moving.

It also is a great way for all communication to stay in Podium, this encourages employees to use Podium rather than their personal phone numbers when engaging with customers!

We’ve updated the mobile experience recently - see here for more information on the enhanced functionality, like light or dark mode, swipe to close, awaiting reply, templates, and more! 

Learn more about the Podium mobile app:

Get started by downloading the app from the App store or Google Play store. Next, we’ll walk you through sending a message on the Podium app.