Podium App Fall 2022 Release Overview

Podium is releasing a major update to the mobile app, which can now be downloaded for iOS on the App Store or for Android on the Google Play store

The update to the Podium mobile app focuses on speed. If you get a message from a customer while you’re away from your desktop, quickly fire off a reply right from your phone, giving you the speed necessary to winning over a new customer. 

Speed and reliability are the key focuses of this update, but you’ll also find enhancements to the inbox, contacts and reviews.

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So, what should you be excited about in the new app update? 

  • YOUR reviews. Filter reviews for invites YOU sent - this helps employees who send a lot of review invites easily see the reviews that came from those.
  • Template Search. Goodbye endless scrolling! If you’re a business or location with a lot of templates, this will likely be your favorite feature. See more on sending a template here.
  • Awaiting Reply. This feature brings conversations that need a reply to the top of your screen.
  • Avatars. Now, if you have multiple users at your business using Podium, you can easily see who replied to or engaged with a customer.
  • The Contact List. You now have visibility into any of your contacts in Podium - not just if you’ve messaged with them previously.
    • You also can add and edit contacts seamlessly in the app.
  • Light or Dark Mode. No more bright screen in the late hours.
  • Recently Viewed Search. It's now in Inbox and Contacts plus past search visibility for less typing!
  • Badges. Badges for inbox lists are aligned with desktop and reflect open conversations that need a reply.
  • Phone Number Display. Displays location phone number prominently in conversations and in inbox.
    • Your customer phone number will no longer be buried in the contact. It’s now visible in the conversation header.

Where have things moved? 

Once you’ve updated the app, you’ll be oriented to where things have moved. Now you can find:

  • The location picker, Teamchat and settings in the Inbox drawer image__55_.png
  • You can find closed conversations by selecting the 3 dots in the top right corner of the conversation list or by swiping down on the header.image__56_.png

What is not in the new app update?

You may notice there are a few features that are not included in the new app update including Leaderboard and Teamchat group creation and editing. These features will be accessible on the desktop only.

If you’re missing Videochat or secure messaging - these features will be coming soon in an upcoming release.

To share feedback directly with the mobile team on the functionality you want to see in the app, text 701-501-6568. 


How do I know what version of app I have?

We’ve made it simple to find the current of the app you have installed on your phone. Simply click on the button in your top left on the conversation view, click on Settings, and “About this app." image__57_.png

How do I update my app to the latest version? 

Click here to update your iOS app and here to update your Android app!